“Prominent Student and Youth Organizations Call for Mass Prayer for Wuhan Amidst Crisis Caused by Coronavirus”

Leaders from national student and youth organizations in Indonesia, such as Serikat Mahasiswa Muslimin Indonesia (SEMMI), Ikatan Pemuda Tionghoa Indonesia (IPTI), Pertahanan Ideologi Syarikat Islam (PERISAI), Generasi Muda Konghucu (GEMAKU) dan Mahasiswa Pancasila (MAPANCAS) are planning to hold an event to give moral support to Wuhan and its residents who are facing the threats of the coronavirus.

“Coronavirus is a tragedy and is a tragedy to all human beings, especially in the city of Wuhan. Coming out our sense of solidarity and humanity and as part of the international community, we are indeed obliged to give our support so that Wuhan and its residents, and also China in general, to be strong and motivated in facing this tragedy. Wuhan, jia you!” said the Chairman of PB SEMMI, Bintang Wahyu Saputra, at Rumah Kebangsaan HOS Tjokroaminoto, Jalan Taman Amir Hamzah, Pengangsaan, Menteng, Central Jakarta on Friday (7/2/2020).

At the same place, the Secretary-General of PP PERISAI, Harjono, stated that the fundraising efforts to gather support from the public is going to be conducted through a fun walk and dissemination of 1,000 roses to everyone who participates in the car-free day (CFD) near Hotel Indonesia this upcoming Sunday, 9 February 2020.

“The first step that we are going to take is to invite the participation of everyone to give their support to Wuhan during CFD. Afterward, we will give wreaths to the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta. We will end our series of activities by holding a public praying event for Wuhan entitled “Praying for Humanity for Wuhan” on February 12, 2020, at 9 p.m., and we shall call this movement as “Humanity Prayer 212,” he said.

Furthermore, the Chairman of Mapancas, Medi Sumaedi, explained that as part of the international community and a country which adopts Pancasila, we have to partake in maintaining security, safety, and peace in this world.

“A just and civilized humanity is one of 5 (five) principles of Pancasila that we have to implement in our daily lives. Of course, looking at the tragedy caused by coronavirus, which is now faced by China, we have to be emphatic as fellow human beings,” he commented.

Kris Tan, the Chairman of GEMAKU, added that praying for human beings cannot be restricted due to ethnicities, races and religions because praying for fellow human beings is our honor while we stay alive in this world.

“Every religion surely teaches us to do good deeds between fellow creatures in this world, especially human beings. Therefore, let us pray so that Wuhan remains motivated in facing this ordeal caused by coronavirus, because, after all, this issue is a collective issue for all of us, pray for Wuhan,” he added.

In addition, the Chairman of IPTI, Ardy Susanto, asked everyone to keep maintaining pluralism and multiculturalism of Indonesia and to also open up their hearts to care for the tragedy that is currently faced by Wuhan residents.

“This humanitarian movement is, Alhamdulillah, also supported by other mass organizations, such as Syarikat Islam (SI) and Paguyuban Sosial Marga Tionghoa Indonesia (PSMTI). We also have big hopes that all of the organizations, youth organizations or other elements of the society can support and partake in this humanitarian action. We hope that our plan with regard to the activities to be conducted can be carried out successfully and blessed by God. Amen,” said Ardy.